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“Mahjong”, a popular Chinese strategy game since ancient times, which can help in brain training. It is also a game that connects families and friends in the world.In recent years, “Mahjong” become one leisure activity that people start to craze about all over the world. In Europe & USA alone, there are millions of people participate in different kinds of mahjong activities! Even Julia Roberts loves to play “Mahjong”.

"I just had my birthday and I don't think I had felt so happy on a birthday in quite a long while," Roberts said. "I think part of it is just the happy space that I'm lucky enough to occupy in the world, with my family and my friends – and I played Mahjong all day."

Mahjong World 2 start game

So let us introduce you to “Mahjong World 2”
We had developed a new English version of “Mahjong World 2” this year.
This new version is suitable for all kinds of players, such as those who want to learn Mahjong, or play Mahjong casually and even Mahjong Masters.
New features including: Blind Touch, Pattern Suggestion, Discard Tile Suggestion, Ready Hand Tips and Info ... etc.

Normally beginners do not know about the pattern information, the scoring system (“Fan” scorings), how to form possible winning tiles etc. The gameplay includes Pattern Suggestion, Discard Suggestion, Ready Hand Tips and Info that will help players to learn faster and easier.
For more advanced players, they can challenge the Achievements board, Tournaments, friends or other Mahjong masters through different venues. (Some features will come soon)

Mahjong World rule uniquely combines rules from Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese mahjong into the game, and makes mahjong more varied and challenging.

Demo :

AI Discard Tile Suggestion :


「Mahjong World 2」Feature

Mahjong World 2 TV version
Mahjong World 2 beautiful effect
Support most of the Android TV Box, you can play “Mahjong World 2” just use the remote control, even can Blind Touch.
The Beautiful “Mahjong” effect with vibration which will increase your excitement of a winning hand.
Mahjong World 2 single play
Mahjong World 2 beginner level
More Mahjong Rules will come soon.
Mahjong World 2 chow selection
Mahjong World 2 gain exp
Tap & Hold the tile, it will pop up which will prevent your finger hidden the tile.
Mahjong World 2 profile
Mahjong World 2  record
You can view you detailed records in the Personal Info.
Mahjong World 2 Ready Hand Assistant
Mahjong World 2 Ready Hand info
Ready Hand Assistant
1) 『Red Arrow』 : Discard for Ready Hand.
2) 『Blue Arrow』 : Ready Hand but not able to Win.
3) 'Tap & Hold' : Show Ready Hand Info.
Ready Hand Info
Tap & Hold the red arrow tile will display the tile you need for “Mahjong”, how many are left and the Fan (score).
Mahjong World 2 counting assistant feature
Mahjong World 2 Pattern Suggestion feature
Counting Assistant
Tap & Hold a tile, the same tile will highlight in same color which help you count faster.
Mahjong World 2 PatternPattern Suggestion
Tap 'Scroll' icon : Will highlight the possible patterns & how to form them.
Mahjong World 2 Discard Tile Suggestion feature
Mahjong World 2 tutorial

Mahjong World 2 Discard TIleAI Discard Tile Suggestion
Tap 'Tips' icon : AI will suggest a tile and highlighted for discard which based on the fastest winning possibility.

AI Discard Tile Suggestion:

You will learn the special features like Pattern Suggestion, Ready Hand Info…etc.
Tap "setting: icon then "Tutorial" icon

Demo :

麻將天下2甩牌 麻將天下2甩牌 麻將天下2甩牌 麻將天下2甩牌

Blind Touch / Dump
Touch anywhere of the screen and move your finger upward.
(This feature will be only available when you have a big score of ready hand.)

Mahjong World 2 achievement
Mahjong World 2 daily task
Mahjong World 2 pattern
Mahjong World 2 scoring


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